Executive Director, Prof Dr Daniel Pella, MD, PhD, FICC
Email. [email protected] tel 421 905340945, www.iccsk.com

Founder President (1999-2003,2006-2011): Prof Dr Ram B Singh, MBBS, MD (Int. Medi- Cardiol ), DTNH, FICC
Certified Nutrition Specialist (USA),Fellowships; FICN,FACN,FCCP,FICC,FACC.
Halberg Hospital and Research Institute, Civil Lines, Moradabad-10(UP)244001,India
tel 0091 591 2417437,2410092, email: [email protected], [email protected]
Editor, World Heart Journal, www.novapublishers.com (USA) and
The Open Nutra. Journal, www.benthamscience.com , USA,

Former Presidents; Dr CW Kong (Taiwan 2004-5), Dr Adarsh Kumar (India, 2012-13), Dr Krasimira Hristova (2014-2015),Late  Dr Hilton Chaves (2016-2017), Dr Galal Elkilany (2018-2020).

President: 2018-2020,
Dr Galal Elkilany, MD, PhD, FICC
Gulf Medical College, Ajnam,UAE, Email:[email protected]

Secretary  General, ICC
Dr  Krasimira Hristova, MD, PhD, FESC,FICC                
University National Heart Hospital, Department of Noninvasive Functional Diagnostic and Imaging,
1309, Sofia, Bulgaria, 65 Konuivtza  str.Tel 359(2)9211 384, Mobile 359 88887 1353,Email. [email protected]
Proposed President Elect (2020-2022): Dr Jan Fedacko,MD, PhD, FICC (Slovakia),

International College of Cardiology.2018-2020.
Dr Galal Elkilany, MD,PhD, President,
Late Dr Hilton Chaves, MD, PhD, FICC,(Brazil)), Former President                                                                                                                    Dr Daniel Pella, MD, PhD, FICC (Slovakia), Executive Director
Vice Presidents: Dr Hisham Aboelenin ,MD,PhD,FICC (Egypt), Dr Jaipaul Singh (UK)
Secretary General: Dr Krisimira Hristova, MD, PhD, FICC
Secretary: Dr NS Verma, MD, PhD,  (India)
Joint Secretaries: Dr Jan Fedacko, MD, PhD, FICC (Slovakia), Dr J P Sharma (India)
Members of Executive, Dr Kuniaki Otsuka (Japan), Dr Brian Tomlinson (Hong Kong), Dr Dk Agarwal (USA), Dr Germaine Cornelissen (USA), Dr NS Dhalla (Canada), Dr Jan Fedacko (Slovakia), Dr R Rybar (Slovakia), Dr SP Verma (UK), Dr Osmo Hanninen (Finland), CW Kong (Taiwan),Dr H Mori (Japan), Dr TK Basu (Canada),  Dr JP Sharma (India), Dr Narsingh Verma, Dr Anuj Maheswari (India), Dr.Hesham Aboelenin (Egypt),Dr RB Singh, MD, FICC (India),
10th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES AND DIABETES, Slovakia, President, Dr Daniel Pella MD,FICC, Chairman Scientific Committee, Dr  Jan Fedacko, MD, PhD, FICC, March 15-17,2020.
Official  Journal. World Heart Jour, USA.   www.novapublishers.com


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